10 Beauty Hacks Of Tess Christine To Try Now

Whether it is ‘bad hair day’ or makeup disasters, we have the convenient beauty hacks just right for your beauty problem. Gathered from beauty experts, these genius beauty tips will come in handy, wherever and whenever we need them.

Tess Christine, a famous youtube vlogger, known for her beauty tips, shared her beauty hacks that she actually used, which according to her, had made her life easier.

Let the following tips be the guide for you as you watch her video.

Tess’ Hack #1

Using organic virgin coconut oil has a lot of benefits for her. She uses it to remove her makeup and as a part of her morning and evening beauty regimen, a gentle moisturizer on her face and great long-lasting product that improves the growth and health of her eyelashes.

Tess’ Hack #2

Blow drying of hair upside down instead of straight down had an amazing effect on her hair, making it look more volumized and thick and easier to style.

Tess’ Hack #3

Use of tissue paper and a makeup brush with translucent powder on her favorite artberry & red colored lipstick, to prevent it from smudging and staining her teeth and give her lips a matte look.

Tess’ Hack #4

Hair spraying a bobby pin and inserting it in her hair upside down to keep her hair in place works best for her.

Tess’ Hack #5

Cleaning makeup brushes with baby shampoo. It doesn’t cost much, thus, saving you a lot of money from buying expensive brush cleansers and doesn’t cause breakouts since it is a gentle and hypoallergenic product.

Tess’ Hack #6

For an ‘airbrush’ foundation look, Tess gives hack on how to do the triangle concealer trick which she said she has been doing for so long. First, she applies the creamy concealer on both cheeks in a triangle form, then dab with a beauty blender to even out the concealer.

Tess’ Hack #7

Using your ring fingertip to apply eyeshadow is one good ol’ fashion tip to highlight the color you are using on the upper and inner part of your eyes. This trick saves you time and the eyeshadow shows a lot better in your eyes.

Tess’ Hack #8

Her DIY facial exfoliator made from the mixture of coffee grounds and coconut oil. This amazing all-natural exfoliant is not only anti-inflammatory, it helps with the lightening of stretch marks and it rejuvenates the skin, keeping it healthy, energized and young looking.

Tess’ Hack #9

Another beauty hack about eyelashes where Tess showed how to add volume on eyelashes to make it longer and fuller. The trick is to use a mascara with a curved wand, brushing it on eyelashes in downward motion then brushing them again upward. After which, layer the dried mascara with a more condensed mascara for a fuller look. Using a q-tip instead of credit card technique is another trick in refining the contours of the eyelids.

Tess’ Hack #10

Simple hair curling technique by using a curling wand and holding your hair in it vertically to shape the curls better.. Afterwards, letting the curls rest and cool on hand will keep the curls longer and in place.

These beauty hacks are just a few of the many more trending and widely used beauty tips nowadays. Learn more from other beauty experts and try the ones that you think will work best for you!